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    28 Essex Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 01902
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  • Phone: 781-595-5500
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Mission Statement

Here at Abbott Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, our highly skilled and reliable care professionals are trained to provide steady, 24-hour so that our residents can maintain fulfilled lives. We are dedicated to providing a respectful, safe, and home-like environment for the residents who require nursing care, long-term care, rehabilitation care, and respite services.

Organizational Values

Resident Focus

The residents and their loved ones are our guests, and we provide them with excellent services. We listen and respect the guests’ needs, seek their feedback, and identify opportunities for improvement. We recognize that our guests’ well-being is our responsibility.


We take a collaborative approach in all the areas in which we provide care and ensure that all your needs are prioritized.


We demonstrate genuine interest and empathy when listening to others, maintain positive relationships while being open to differences in people, cultures, and approaches, as well as treat others the way we would like to be treated.


We strive to build trusting relationships and show consistency between our words and actions. We treat others fairly while maintaining high ethical standards.


We are committed to achieving meaningful results while understanding our responsibilities and accepting ownership for whatever outcomes. We monitor the accuracy and quality of work and raise problematic issues as soon as we become aware of them.

Openness / Honesty / Directness

We encourage an open exchange of information and differing viewpoints among our residents. We raise tough issues, express our reactions and opinions without intimidating others, and we’re open to new opportunities brought on by change.

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